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Hi, I’m Royce!

This is a place where I post photos and share details of my projects and collection of vintage & retro electronics. Anything from showcasing home-brew electronics projects, sharing repair logs, or exhibiting my growing electronics collection.

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  • Macintosh 512K Repair
    I picked up this Macintosh 512K on a daytrip to Oregon to pick up a few TRS-80 Color Computers for prices fair enough to justify the reasonably short drive. The seller is a vintage computer enthusiast with a sizable collection of PCs and early computers who is trying to downsize. Everything I purchased is known … Read More
  • HP 64000 Emulation System Demonstration
    Here’s a video I made demonstrating the editor, assembler, linker, and emulator packages for the HP 64000 configured for emulating a Motorola 6809 microprocessor. In the video, the process of assembling and linking source code is shown as well the resulting output. Next, the emulation package is started, and the emulated system executes the code … Read More
  • Apple ][+ Repair
    I acquired this Apple ][+ in a retro tech lot that I didn’t anticipate buying when I met the seller for the Asus P2B-D motherboard I’d agreed to buy. It had obviously been abused by a previous owner. Note the missing keycaps, broken key stem for what should be the escape key, missing lid & … Read More
  • Asus P2B-D Dual Pentium iii-S 1.4 GHz Tualatin
    I came across a listing for this Asus P2B-D and I immediately knew that it would make for a fun project. As an aside: after driving an hour to pick this board up, I ended up buying an entire lot of vintage hardware which will be covered in various future posts. Here’s a preview of … Read More

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